How to make a mummy!

This week year 3 have been learning about how the Ancient Egyptians treated their dead Pharaohs!  Visit the websites and games below to find out more.  Comment below to tell us the favourite thing that you learnt!

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Books! Books! Books!

Hi everyone!

At Clapham Manor, our ethos is to develop the live of literacy through providing a wide range of texts for pupils to explore and enjoy across the curriculum. We are incredibly grateful for the support that you as parents and carers currently provide the school by volunteering as parent readings and attending our book swaps and book fairs.

Some parents and carers have reached out to ask what further support they can offer the school, so each group have put together an Amazon Wishlist of books that would be really beneficial to support the learning in their year group. The link to the 3T list is here, and if you buy a book when you next shop on Amazon, it will be delivered straight to the school and straight in your child’s book corner! We would be so grateful for any support you could offer us for this, as WE LOVE BOOKS!

Keep reading!

Ms T x

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Christmas Production Songs 2019!

Hi all!

We are all very excited about our Christmas Production next week, with some fantastic songs!  Below are all of the backing tracks and the lyrics so that you can sing along at home!


Bad Romance
Poke yer face
Wish wish wish!
Just dance
Born this way
Eat your bones
Edge of Glory
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Wish! Wish! Wish!

For the Christmas Production of ‘Sinbad’, Year 3 will be singing the song ‘Wish Wish Wish’, based on the song ‘Boys Boys Boys’ by Lady Gaga.3T are in Cast B and our first run through is on the 5th December, with the dress rehearsal performed in front of for KS2 on Monday 9th December and our first performance for parents is at 6.45pm on Tuesday 10th December and then at 1.45pm on Wednesday 11th December.

The lyrics are below, so get learning and singing!

Wish wish wish 

Hey there everybody

See you’ve opened my bottle,

I’m a bit like glitter mixed with rock and roll.

I can do a lot lot

Show you what I’ve got got

Know you think I’m special 

And no you’re not crazy,

Make your dreams come true as long as they’re not shady.

I can do a lot lot,

Show you what I’ve got got.

Wish wish wish

Wanna fancy car?

Wish wish wish!

Jewels that shine like stars?

Wish wish wish!

Fame and fortune?

Wish wish wish!

I’ll grant it! 

Maybe you’re a bad boy and want retro sneakers,

Or a brand new music system with gigantic speakers, 

(I can do a lot, lot, show you what I’ve got got!)

If you like to party, I could make you a DJ,

In the hottest club and of course we won’t have to pay! 

(I can do a lot lot, show you what I’ve got got)

Chorus x 2

(Solo rap?)

Come on Sinbad, start the party,

Do you want a flash Ferrari? 

Just wish big, something dramatic, 

I grant wishes and that is that. 

Do you want to fly the world? 

Or clothes that will impress your girl?

We’re on fire when we’re together.

With me you could live forever! 


Ms T x

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My name is Harriet…

On Thursday 21st November, Clapham  Manor will be holding a Black History Extravaganza to showcase the work we have all been doing for Black History Month.  Year 3 will be performing the song ‘My name is Harriet’.  Use the video and lyrics below to help you practice the song at home!

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Funny bones!
See the source image

Hey everyone!

In Science, we have been learning about skeletons and why they are important.

Follow this link to watch a short video about why skeletons are important

Then scroll down on the page to take the quiz!

Comment below to tell me what you think life would be like if we didn’t have a skeleton!

Happy learning!

Ms T x

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Welcome to 3T

Hi everyone!

Welcome to 3T’s blog! On here you will find activities linked to our learning, photographs of what we have been up to and questions to challenge your thinking!

For our first post, I would like to introduce you to Times Table Rockstars! At the end of Year 4, children are going to be tested on their times table knowledge, so it is really important that we work hard in Year 3 to make sure we know them. By the end of Year 3, children are expected to know their 2, 5, 10, 3, 4 and 8 times tables, but it will really in all areas of maths to learn all of them and become a Times Table Rockstar!

You have all been given a log in which is stuck in your homework books. Follow this link and log in to play Times Table Rockstars. To find out what your Rockstar Status (level) is, you will need to play in ‘The Studio’ 11 times. Don’t worry if this is tricky at first – the more your play, the better you will get!

Find out your Rockstar status by playing in the studio 11 times!

Keep rocking!

Ms Turner

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Proud to be different march!

Hi all,

On Friday 12th July, we will be marching across Clapham Common to celebrate our differences!  On the march, we will be singing!  Please learn the song below to help you join in with us!   You can listen to the Spice girls version so that you know how the song sounds, but remember to learn it with our own special Clapham Manor lyrics!

(Spice Girls’ version – Spice up your life!)


If you’re feeling sad and low,

Don’t fit in or you’ve got no place to go,

Clapham Manor’s here to say,

Just be you each and every day!



Colours of the world (equality!)

Every boy and every girl (equality!)

People of the world (equality!)


Slam it to the left – being different is ok!

Shake it to the right – we are special in our way.

Shake it to the left – ha ha! be-you-tiful!

Slam it to the left – and we’re singing it out loud!

Shake it to the right – we’re all different and we’re proud!

Shake it to the left – ha ha! just be-you-tiful!




Any gender, any race,

All religions have a place,

Who you love or where you’re from,

Come join us and …..sing along!




If you’re old or you’re young,

religion or have none,

Whatever your gender or body remember…

Love’s for everyone! (Haka) Love’s for everyone! (Haka!)

Ariba! Hahaah!




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Sharing Assembly

Hi all!


It is our sharing assembly on Friday 28th June.  Here are the links to two songs that we will be singing, so get learning!

Count on me:



Get practising and thinking of some dance moves that we could use!

Ms T x

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It’s time to learn!

See the source imageHi everyone!

In maths we have been learning how to tell the time.  Use the links below to play games to help you improve your skills! Make sure you choose the level of game that is right for you!  Not too easy and not too hard – just right! (Like Goldilocks!) – o’clock/half past analogue to digital – telling the time, am/pm, 24 hour clock – converting analogue/digital/o’clock etc. – telling time to 5/1minute intervals – word problems calculating time durations – Find the start time after a given interval

What’s the time?  It’s time to play!




Ms T x



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